Opakamate Isokariari Foundation


Who We Are

We are a non-governmental organization committed to serve and deliver welfare, health, growth and development of our people in the Niger delta region.


Aim & Objective

This is based on the inherent belief that such a support structure will enable the people of the region get the mental balance that provisions of these basics gives to every society that has risen to its highest potential. 

Scholarship awards to children in communities

Phase 1 was carried out in 2019 and phase 2 was carried out in 2020 for students in Buguma community secondary school Ido, and king's college of commerce Buguma.

Scholarship grant, school bags ,books and pens where issued.

Provision of Covid-19 relief funds

Nose mask, hand gloves ,hand sanitizers and hand washing units were issued to 2nd savior's church, supernatural speed church and Saint Michael's church in Buguma.

And also issued to various compounds in Buguma.

Widows empowerment scheme. 

Various widows were issued grant to start up a business and improve on existing business. Calendars and t-shirts were issued as well.

The process is to monitor the business to grow and become sustainable to improve life's in Niger delta

Supply of consumables to children's home

Different children's homes were selected to receive provision for children to improve their life.

This is an ongoing plan that OIF plans to continue.

Provision of consumables to handicaps

OIF ensures to reach out to disabled/handicapped children to improve lives and to create support .

Provisions and grants are provided for upkeeps and various motivational projects.